Primary & Secondary Students

Primary school beneficiaries receive $65 a month and secondary school beneficiaries receive $100 a month.

The money is given to the children and youth through mainstream schools, family service centres, children's homes, disability homes and special homes. 

A study conducted in 2009 and 2010 by the National University of Singapore department of social work to gauge the impact of the pocket money on these children and youth indicated that they are likely to do better in school, be more active in co-curricular activities and are less self-conscious about not having money.

Applicants have to meet a fixed set of criteria in order to be eligible to receive pocket money assistance.

Applicants have to fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for the Fund:

  1. A Singapore citizen or permanent resident
  2. A full-time student studying in the following institutions:
    • a mainstream school (Primary / Secondary)
    • a specialised / special education school
    • a specialised independent school
    • a religious school such as a madrasah
  3. Living in a HDB four-room flat or a smaller unit
  4. From a family whose per capita gross monthly household income is not more than $750*. This means that the total family income divided by the number of family members should not exceed $750 per member per month. For example, if the family has five members, the total gross monthly household income should not exceed $3,450.

STSPMF is committed to helping children and youth who meet the eligibility criteria by providing them with school pocket money for a maximum period of 24 months. Do note that each application grants a maximum of 12 months of assistance and the application is to be applied on a yearly basis. 

The outcome of the application will depend on the assessment of the schools, social workers and STSPMF. 

*For applications from 2024



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