How can I become a STSPMF volunteer?

To volunteer with us, please fill in the Volunteer Registration Form and send it to us at [email protected].

We will notify you once your form is received.


 STSPMF has a Volunteer Management Policy and the following outline some of the processes and procedures -

         I) Communication of SPMF vision, mission and objectives


-     Volunteers are to be familiar with SPMF vision, mission and objectives so that they can understand SPMF’s purpose so as to support the achievement of SPMF’s vision, mission and understand how their roles help fulfill them.


-     All volunteers will be provided with the relevant SPMF brochure, invited to browse SPMF website, or be invited to join in a volunteer orientation session when one is being held. 


II) Assessment of need for volunteers


-     SPMF will regularly assess the need and determine the type and number of volunteers needed.


III) Job descriptions for term volunteers


-    Volunteers will be given specific job details so that they have a clearer picture of what is required of them. 


-      Job descriptions help in placing the right person for the right job and will also reduce liability for SPMF by spelling out to the volunteers what they are authorised to do.


IV)  Screen, Interview and Place


-     Some form of screening, interviewing and appropriately delegating volunteers to their suitable roles is important to allow the volunteers to be effective and efficient.  Screening and orientation are especially important when volunteers’ roles involve interaction with the children under the SPMF scheme. 


-     For volunteers from sponsoring corporates, SPMF may not have the opportunity for individual interviews.  Presentations may need to be done to the sponsoring corporates to familiarise the volunteers of SPMF and their roles. Where they are on longer term programmes, relevant feedback form will be completed to track progress of that programme, and it will include the volunteers’ suitability and engagement.


-   For volunteers who sign up through SPMF website, a call will be made to understand the background of the volunteer, why they volunteer and what they are interested to volunteer and their time commitment when an opportunity arises.  Volunteers will also be informed of the possible areas of volunteering with SPMF, the time and period of commitment. A meeting will be arranged when we are able to match the volunteers’ time and suitability to the volunteering tasks and roles we have.  


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