Start a Fundraising Page

Want to start your own fund-raising campaign but not sure where to begin?  Now, you can start your own online crowd-funding project and get your friends to support your charity too!

Simply start your own fundraising page here at

Tips on how to organise a successful fundraising campaign:

  1. Describe your cause
    • Why is the cause important?
    • Reason for doing this.  It could be a birthday celebration, or to commemorate a special occasion.
  2. Commit to your cause
    • Challenge yourself! Do something that you never thought you could, like doing a triathlon, step into the shoes of the poor by living on $2 a day. Show your dedication to your cause!
    • Spread your message!  Share with your friends and family why your cause is important.
  3. Show appreciation
    • Express your gratitute to your supporters. Keep them updated on how much you have raised with their support.
  4. Use photos/videos to talk about your story
    • Update your space regularly. Share with them your fundraising journey and touch their hearts.


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